Challenge for the Last Ticket to SEOktoberfest 2014

SEOktoberfest 2014 Challenge

with Link Research Tools

The Prize

You will be special guest of Link Research Tools on the last ticket for SEOktoberfest 2014.
This is a ticket no money in the world can buy.
Only winning our challenge gets you in.

Challenge for the last ticket to SEOktoberfest 2014 with LinkResearchTools

What is SEOktoberfest?

It’s an exclusive private conference held the 7th time where high level experts from companies like Facebook, Yandex, AirBnb, CBS, Disney, Microsoft/BING and of course Ex-Google Employees take part and share their knowledge and tricks in a private atmosphere.

For more details we recommend you read their event page.

Why should I be there?

One reason: the opportunity to spend high quality time with high level people with hundreds of years combined experience in Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social and business working in highly successful global companies and agencies.

How often do you get such a chance?

How to win

The game has changed compared to the years before. This year we highly focus on hands-on skills in SEO, Link Building and proficiency using Link Research Tools. Only the best SEO will win.

The first step is to become LRT Associate.
If you’re not LRT associate or of higher certification you cannot participate in the game this year.

To get a chance to win this prize you HAVE to successfully become LRT associate…
and some more…

  1. Get your LRT Superhero account if you don’t have it yet.
  2. Do the LRT Associate training and pass the exam.
    Of course if you already are among our hundreds of LRT Associates, then you can skip this step.
  3. You can sign up for the LRT Associate training starting every Monday here (it’s free!)
    1. Signup for LRT Associate Training Day 1
    2. Signup for LRT Associate Training Day 2
    3. Signup for LRT Associate Training Day 3
    4. Signup for LRT Associate Training Day 4
    5. (make sure you review the dates and register for all days in the correct order)
  4. OR if you prefer you can attend a one-day LRT Associate training in New York City on August 13 with Christoph. Make sure you use the coupon code SEOHUNT14 to get 25% off.
  5. Upon successfully passing the Exam, get into the private Facebook group of the “LRT Associates”
  6. Checkout the finalized rules that were posted there – only visible after approval to the close group of course
  7. Those full terms specify the next steps to take, and they will not be trivial. Like we wrote we want the best to win.
  8. You will have to perform substantial SEO expert work and will be measured by a clear and precised rule set that involves highly technical criteria.
  9. The game ends on September 8 2014. Until then you must have milestones defined in the game terms&conditions mentioned above.
  10. The winner will be published on September 9 2014.

How much is the prize really worth?

If you still want monetary evaluation – the prize is

  • A full SEOktober2014 ticket – VALUE EUR 5000,- (if there were any tickets to buy)
  • Hotel in Munich from Monday to Friday – EUR 1558,-
  • EUR 1000,- travel budget

No extra 2nd or 3rd prizes, you either win or lose.

Here are some photos from the last years’ events

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The team of Link Reseach Tools and Link Detox.